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Beautiful Relaxing Music For Your Wedding Breakfast

Helping Create The Perfect Wedding Day !

Whether you have a small family wedding or a huge wedding you’ll want to keep your guests Entertained throughout the day, including during the wedding breakfast.

Music during your wedding reception breakfast offers a superb way to put your guests at ease and in the mood you want them in, paving the way for sparkling conversation.

The wedding breakfast will be a time for your family and friends to mingle and enjoy a delicious meal in celebration of your wedding – but it will be important to keep the music and wedding songs flowing in the background.

The songs and music played during your wedding breakfast can be lowered during the speeches and will flow through in to the evening reception as even more guests arrive to celebrate your wedding with you.

Selecting and playing the right music for your wedding breakfast takes skill and experience.

There will be times when there is a high level of conversation and times when there is less, and we will adjust the volume of the music accordingly.

We normally play Soft Relaxing Music during the meal, then towards the end of the meal we play slightly more up tempo music building and lifting the mood ready for the evening disco.

As with the evening Disco you are welcome to supply a Play List for your wedding breakfast.

Having A Dj play music for your wedding breakfast really helps in creating the most Perfect Day Possible for a wedding, especially when combined with Venue Uplighting.

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