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What Is Involved In Providing High Class Wedding Entertainment

In many recent surveys it is stated that the Entertainment you choose for your wedding or party,

is responsible for 80% of the events success

and the memories you will have for the rest of your life.

We are experienced professional Wedding Djs, Weddings make up 98% of the events we do, we are meticulous about there planning and preparation and we put a tremendous amount of time and resources into making sure each wedding is a success.

If These Important And Vital Steps Below Are Taken Before Your Wedding Reception it Will Have A Higher Chance Of Being A Success, Like Any Other Profession It`s All About Preparation !!

We are not just stood behind a DJ booth for 4/5hrs playing music

Professional Djs spend hours in preparation for Your special day!

Client meetings,

Pre site visits and on the day travel,

Music playlist creation,

Testing of equipment,

Setup and breakdown times, sometimes being at a venue from early morning until everyone has gone home at the end.

Then there is the actual reception time when the DJ comes to life for 4/8hrs playing back-to-back music keeping your party flowing !

Total Average 15 hours Per Event.

This is just for an evening disco without extras like uplighting, wedding breakfast / ceremony music etc.

  • 20% of the Price we charge goes on taxes,
  • Work`s vehicles & running costs - Fuel / Tax / Insurance / Maintenance.
  • Website costs, Business banking fees, Accountancy fees,
  • Advertising costs,
  • Music costs,
  • We spend Thousands Each Year on the latest equipment,
  • Equipment & Backup equipment maintenance costs,
  • Public liability insurance,
  • P.A.T Testing.

Pre Event             

1 x hour correspondence/quotations

2 x hours planning and playlists

3 x hours site visit and consultation 

The Event Working Weekends & Unsociable Hours.              

0.5 x hour loading

1 x hours travel time

1 x hour unloading and installing

5 x hours for the gig

1 x hour taking down and loading

0.5 x hour unloading

Please Click On This Link For Our WEDDING PAGE For More Information.